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COTYTECH MW-6A1B Full Motion Corner Mount for Large VESA 32" - 60" TVs

COTYTECH MW-6A1B Full Motion Corner Mount for Large VESA 32" - 60" TVs

COTYTECH MW-6A1B Full Motion Corner Mount for Large VESA 32" - 60" TVs
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Mounting your large flat panel HD television in the corner of your entertainment room is a brilliant idea, especially if there’s limited space on your walls or your flat panel TV already sits in a corner on a TV stand and you’d rather elevate the screen while possibly eliminating the stand altogether.  To mount the television properly, you would need a strong full-motion articulating TV wall mount bracket, preferably one that swivels, tilts and has a slim, single-stud wall mounting plate.  Although it will usually cost more, the reason you want to buy a swiveling corner mount bracket designed with a slim, single-stud wall mounting plate is so that it would need to be bolted to only one wall stud instead of two, making it much easier to affix the mounting plate deep in a corner, close to where the two walls meet. A close-to-corner placement would allow the wall plate to be hidden completely out of site behind the television screen once the TV is cater-cornered in front of it.  (See on-page illustrations to the right). The job may appear tacky or unprofessional otherwise, if it’s done where you can see the wall mounting plate peeking from behind the TV.  Corner-cantilever wall mount brackets with slim single-stud wall mounting plates make it easy to keep the bracket completely hidden after cater-corner mounting your flat panel TV on the wall.

However, some LCDs, LEDs and plasma displays 50 inches and larger, have wider than average mounting hole patterns (called VESA patterns) which could make it challenging for you to find an affordable single-stud swiveling corner-cantilever wall mount bracket that’s large enough to accommodate the VESA mounting pattern on your TV.  Most name brand large flat screen televisions (e.g., Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic) do not have VESA mounting patterns wider than 600 x 400 (600 millimeters horizontally by 400 millimeters vertically) regardless of their size classification.  Occasionally, though, other TV manufacturers may design a few wide screen models with VESA patterns beyond 600 x 400.
Our Cotytech LGLI-MW-6A1B full-motion articulating corner-cantilever wall mount bracket is affordably priced and designed to accommodate 32 to 60-inch flat panel LCDs, LEDs and plasmas with wider VESA mounting patterns up to 800 x 400.  If you measure the distance (first across, then from top to bottom) from the center of one mounting hole to the next on the back of your big screen flat panel HD television set and realize that it is wider than 600 x 400 but under 800 x 400 millimeters, this super sturdy Cotytech corner-cantilever TV wall mount bracket will fit your TV with no problem.  Boasting a lightweight die-cast aluminum construction, the LGLI-MW-6A1B is incredibly durable and able to support a maximum weight of 120 pounds.  Not only that, but this bracket is perfect for corner mounting big screen flat panel TVs because it has a slim, single-stud wall mounting plate, which can be bolted close to the corner and hidden completely behind the TV by simply positioning the television screen in a cater-cornered fashion.  Once installed the LGLI-MW-6A1B corner mount also allows you to tilt your television +5 degrees up, -15 degrees down and swivel it 180 degrees left or right, providing for easy angle adjustment and a comfortable TV viewing experience from any seating location in your room.
Compared to others, the LGLI-MW-6A1B is one of our more elite corner TV mounts; however, we offer this first-class corner mount package at an affordable discount price of $346.49. The kit comes brand new, is packaged carefully with all the necessary hardware and shipped to you directly for no additional fee. If you need a great cater-corner mounting solution for a large flat screen TV with a wider than average VESA mounting pattern, and you have the extra money to invest on a peerless corner-cantilever articulating TV wall mount bracket that’s lightweight, super durable and fashionable all at the same time, the Cotytech LGLI-MW-6A1B full-motion corner TV wall mount bracket is the right one for you.

Please Note:  This TV wall mount is specifically designed for flat panel televisions with VESA mounting patterns up to 800 x 400.  

* TV Size Range: Most TVs 32" - 60"
Maximum TV Weight: 120 lbs. (54.5kgs.)
Mounting Pattern: Universal and VESA compliant: 100 x 100 to 800 x 400
Mounts on Studs: single-stud
Wall Plate Dimensions: 3.2" wide by 16.9" high
Tilt +5 (upward) to -15 degrees (downward)
Swivel: Max 180 degrees
Roll: -3 to +3 degrees
Extension from the wall: 3.4" up to 23.1"
Material: Die-cast Aluminum
Shipping Weight: 21 lbs.
Features Benefits
Works with most flat panel TVs Including plasma, LCD and LED TVs.
Compatible with large mounting patterns Works for large TVs that are hard to find a mount for. (Example: Most of Sharp 65"+ TVs.)
Full-motion design, featuring tilt, pan or swivel Allows for multiple-angle viewing pleasure.
Lightweight quick-mounting design Allows for an easy installation.
Lock-in place feature Prevents TV from unlatching to ensure a secure installation.
Quick release feature Allows for easy removal of TV from horizontal bars if you need to take off TV often.
Die-cast Aluminum construction Provides maximum support in a lightweight mount.
Warranty: 5 years

Mounting Hole Patterns

You may usually find mounting pattern dimensions on the technical drawing page of your TV owner’s manual. Otherwise you can simply measure from the center of one hole to the center of the next (both horizontally and vertically) on the back of your television. Please remember to measure in millimeters.

VESA Mounting Pattern = Distance horizontally x Distance vertically (measured in millimeters).

Example: VESA 400 x 400
* Supported screen sizes in descriptions are provided as a guide. Not all models of televisions will fall within guidelines.
Please note that the screen sizes listed are only approximations. The VESA pattern used to mount the TV and the weight of the TV are the primary indicators of whether a given TV and mount are compatible. Please check the VESA pattern listed in your product manual to ensure that this mount will work with your television.