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Articulating Swivel TV Mounts

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Achieve the Best Viewing Angle and Picture Quality for your Wall Mounted Plasma, LCD or LED Television from Anywhere in your Room with Dual and Single-Arm Articulating-Swivel TV Brackets. We offer the Best Flat Screen Full-Motion Wall Mounting Brackets on Sale at Cheap Discount Prices with Free Shipping.

Swivel Mount for 17" - 37" LED-LCD Monitors & TVs
Deluxe Full Motion Cantilever Mount for 17" - 37" Flat Panel TVs & Monitors
Articulating-Swivel Mount for 17" - 37" LED-LCD Monitors & TVs
Deluxe Cantilever Swiveling Corner Mount for 32" - 46" TVs
Ultra Slim Dual Arm Articulating-Swivel Mount for 32" - 60" TVs
Dual Arm Articulating-Swivel Mount Bracket for 32" - 60" TVs (New Open-Faced Wall Plate)
Single Arm Swivel Mount for 32" - 60" TVs (New Open-Faced Wall Plate)
Ultra Slim Full-Motion Mount w/ Single Arm Extension for 32" - 60" TVs
Heavy Duty (Dual Arm) Full-Motion Mount for 32 - 60" Flat Panel TVs
COTYTECH Swivel Corner Wall Mount for 22" - 37" TVs
Full-Motion Mount w/ Single Arm Extension for 32" - 60" Flat Panel TVs
Heavy Duty (Dual Arm) Articulating Mount for 23" - 37" LCD & LED TVs
Pro-grade Cantilever Mount with Height Adjustment for 40 - 60" TVs
COTYTECH MW-5A1VB Articulating TV Wall Mount for 32" - 63"
COTYTECH MW-6A1VB Articulating TV Wall Mount for Large VESA 32" - 63"
COTYTECH MW-5D1VB Full Swing Wall Mount for 42" - 71" TVs
COTYTECH MW-6D1VB Articulating Wall Mount for Large VESA 42" - 71" TVs

Whether or not you have a good view of your flat screen HDTV is largely dependent upon your viewing angle. The optimal viewing angle allows you to experience the best picture quality possible and is achieved by making sure your line of sight is straight on with the TV screen or as close to that as possible.  Usually if you watch plasmas, LCDs or LED TVs at an angle within 30 degrees of the screen, the picture quality will look great.  When you look at them from outside of this angle range, however, you’ll almost always experience a less than perfect picture due to reflective glare or contrast and color distortions that appear on the screen.  Your viewing angle will depend largely on the layout of your room, the size of your TV and the height at which you mount it on the wall.
Depending on the seating arrangement in the room, you may need the flexibility to tilt your wall mounted flat panel television up or down and turn it to the left or right so you can achieve an optimal view of the screen regardless of the TV’s size and height and where you sit to watch TV.  With an articulating-swivel TV wall mounting bracket, you have the ability to manipulate the angle of your wall mounted TV screen according to your room’s layout, and your TV’s size and height by extending it from the wall, tilting it up or down, and swiveling it left or right so that your viewing angle can be optimal and your picture quality can look the best it can every time you watch it.
All pivoting type flat panel wall mounts are not the same.  Some are much versatile than others.  Dual-arm articulating-swivel TV mounting brackets are super strong, well balanced and durable; they usually offer downward tilting motion up to 15 degrees; but they have the least amount of swivel motion (usually not more than 45 to 60 degrees), which is probably why they are the least expensive.  Single-arm articulating TV mounts, on the other hand, are just as strong; they offer the same tilting motion; and they’re a little more expensive than dual-arm swiveling brackets.  Their advantage over the latter is that they are more flexible because they have a longer extension from the wall, and the single swiveling arm can rotate your TV up to 180 degrees left and right, which is more than double that of dual-arm adjustable brackets.  Lastly, corner-cantilever flat panel brackets are the most versatile type of TV wall mounting hardware, and they cost the most.  This is largely because not only do they provide a single arm with generous amounts of extension from the wall and excellent tilt and swivel motion capabilities, but unlike their counterparts, they also come equipped with extra-narrow wall mounting plates that make them easy to mount in corners or places where wall space is limited. 
Because articulating-swivel brackets support your expensive plasma, LCD or LED flat screen television on a dual or single extension arm it is important that the extension arms are heavy duty. Discount swiveling TV mounts made from discount quality materials are less durable and unreliable. The last thing you would want is for the arm to break or not be able to safely support your flat screen TV when you pull it out from the wall.  Spending a bit more upfront on the best articulating-swivel TV brackets will ensure the safety and security of your television while providing you with the flexibility you need in order to achieve the best viewing angle from anywhere in the room.  This will save you money in the long run over discount articulating brackets by not having to replace the inferior mounting hardware or your expensive flat screen TV.
At TVMounts USA we sell the best full motion dual-arm, single-arm and corner-cantilever TV wall brackets perfect for anyone who wants to be able to tilt and articulate their flat screen television in any direction once mounted.  Being an online based television wall mounts store we do not have the overhead and other expensive operating costs of traditional stores. These savings are passed directly to you allowing us to offer incredible discounts and Free Shipping on the best quality full motion tilting and articulating TV mounting brackets.  Not only are our full motion articulating wall mounts on sale at cheap discount prices they are also manufactured from the strongest, most durable materials and designed to last a lifetime.  We take pride in our articulating mount brackets and the brands we carry, which is why we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you have any questions about any of our full motion dual-arm or single-arm articulating flat screen TV brackets or our top of the line corner-cantilever flat panel wall mounts please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.  Enjoy shopping!

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